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What is Stanible?

Stanible is your one-stop shop for exclusive digital collectibles from celeb creators: actors, singers, and much more. Collect your faves’ life moments, flex your finds with fellow stans, and feel all your superfan feels.

What’s a stan?

A superfan who lives and breathes all things fandom and is super committed to their faves—just like you!

How can I shop collectibles?

Just click on a collectible and purchase using any of our available payment methods.

What payment methods do you accept?

We’ve got you pretty much covered with GCash, PayMaya,, and major credit cards and debit cards.

What are editions of digital collectibles?

Editions are the number of copies per collectible, as set by the creator. This means that when you shop any of our collectibles, you’re one of the few people in the world who will collect them—ever!

What can I do with my digital collectibles?

Think of your collection as a unique badge showing your commitment and love for your faves. It shows how far you are in your superfan journey—and it can get you even further. The more collectibles you shop, the more rewards or exclusive access you can unlock, as set by the creators. And of course, there’s nothing like flexing your collection on your Stanible profile for fellow stans to see!

Do I have commercial rights to my digital collectibles?

Nope, but you call the shots when it comes to personal use!

Can I create and mint my own digital collectibles?

Yes, if you become a verified creator. Click here to apply!

Are these digital collectibles NFTs?

Exactly! Our digital collectibles are NFTs or non-fungible tokens on the Solana blockchain. We mint life moments from celeb creators into digital collectibles like photos and videos. With the Solana blockchain, you—and anyone in the world!—can check the authenticity and exclusivity of our collectibles.

Can I withdraw my digital collectibles to an NFT wallet?

Great question—this is a feature we’ll release very soon. Get the latest on our new features and more by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. (insert links)

Can I sell my digital collectibles in other NFT marketplaces?

Soon! When we have the withdraw feature up and running, you’ll be able to resell or trade your digital collectibles in marketplaces that support the Solana blockchain.

How do I become a verified creator?

We have an application process to vet our creators and keep our community secure. Click here to apply!

How can I mint my own digital collectibles?

Once you’re a verified creator, just upload a photo or video and set the price, editions, and publish date. That’s it, we take care of the rest! You’ll get a notif when your collectible is live on Stanible.

How much do I earn on each sale of a digital collectible?

You earn every time your collectible is sold. That includes the first sale and all future sales if your collectibles are traded or resold in secondary markets, which will be available in our next update. Click here to apply for a creator account and learn more about our revenue sharing.